Josefina Manresa (1916 – 1987)


Brave woman.

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Josefina Manresa was the wife of the famous Orihuela poet Miguel Hernández and the inspiration for some of the most beautiful poetry written in the Spanish language.  She was born in Jaén and her family moved to Orihuela in 1927 where she had one year of elementary education and went to work at the age of 13.  She met Miguel Hernandez in 1933 and after a timid, formal courtship the couple married four years later and moved to Jaén where Miguel was stationed at the beginning of the civil war.  Shortly afterwards Josefina’s father was killed and her mother died of grief, so she had to return alone to Cox, whilst pregnant with her first child, to care for the family.  Sadly her son, Manuel Ramón died before reaching his first birthday.  The couple had a second son, Manuel Miguel born in 1939 who lived until 1984.

At the end…

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Glasgow School of Art in flames

It’s a very sad day today in Glasgow as the iconic Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is burning in a huge fire believed to have started when a projector exploded in the basement and the resulting spark set alight some foam being used for an installation. Fire has ripped through the building, destroying work by students who were preparing for their end of year art show. It is believed that the library and archive have also been destroyed.

Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art

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Many Britons feel uncomfortable around disabled people: Let’s End the Awkward


Interesting article. Here’s a thought. Why is it that people have no problem going up to a pregnant woman they don’t even know and ooh and aah about the forthcoming baby and sometimes go as fas as to pat her on the stomach yet those same people would cross the street to avoid someone in a wheelchair?

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Alex Brooker, centre, and Julie Fernandez, right, in one of the new End the Awkward adverts (Picture: Scope)

Alex Brooker, centre, and Julie Fernandez, right, in one of the new End the Awkward adverts (Picture: Scope)

In Britain, we’re used to feeling awkward around each other. It’s practically a national sport. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do something about it.

The awkwardness of others is something most disabled people have to put up with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, talking to a wheelchair user still has the capacity to bamboozle those who aren’t in one, turning them into nervy wrecks who are so scared of not doing the wrong thing that this is precisely what happens.

This scenario is just one of the examples in a new TV advertising campaign launched today by British disability charity Scope. In the advert, one of three in the charity’s End the Awkward campaign, a wheelchair user played by British actress Julie Fernandez, known for her roles in…

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HIFA Week 2014 : ‘ Switch on’

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As one of the 140 characters on Twitter cheekily put it, it’s officially HIFA week a.k.a. “White people’s annual pilgrimage into the Harare CBD.” It’s a funny if not crude observation of part of the craziness that is HIFA week. Only on Twitter.

HIFA is so much more that just that though. The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA ) is the premier arts and culture event on the Zimbabwean social calendar.

HIFA was recently listed by CNN as one of the top 7 festivals on the African continent. CNN refers to HIFA as the “Glastonbury” of African festivals. Other festivals on the list include the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (South Africa), Marrakesh Popular Festival of the Arts (Morocco), Sauti Za Busara…

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Death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I have read ‘100 Years of Solitude’. It’s meant to be one of the great classics of our times but I found it really hard going. Perhaps I might have appreciated it better if I had read it in Spanish? Will I try and read it in Spanish…probably not. There can be no doubt, however, that Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez made a huge impact on the world of literature and brought Latin American writers out into the open.

It seems appropriate therefore to allow a Chilean writer friend to talk about the author’s life in more detail. Follow the link here