Largs Viking Festival 2013

English: The Largs Pencil, Largs A monument to...

English: The Largs Pencil, Largs A monument to the Battle of Largs. The Pencil was built in 1912, as a marker for the site of the Battle of Largs in 1263, when the Scots defeated King Haco of Norway’s troops on the shore at Largs, whose 160 long ships got caught in a storm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year’s festival takes place in the Scottish town of Largs between Saturday 31st August and Sunday 8th September. The Festival commemorates the Battle of Largs which took place in 1263 between the Vikings from Norway, under King Hakon and the Scots, led by King Alexander III.

There will be two authentic villages built, one Scottish and one Viking, showing how people lived at the time of the Battle of Largs. You can find out how they made their clothes, what they ate and what religion they followed among other things. The Scots village will be run by the re-enactment group the ‘Swords of Dalraida’, whilst the Viking village will be run by the ‘Glasgow Viking’s.I personally know members of the ‘Glasgow Vikings’ and I can assure you that they take the authenticity of their clothing, weapons etc very seriously and have fascinating stories to tell of what life was like as a Viking.

There will skirmishes by both sides and a wide variety of other activities including dancing displays, music and if the weather permits an aerobatic display.There will be a craft fayre, a farmers’ market and a continental market as well as plenty of activities for children.

Take a step back into history at the Largs Viking Festival 2013


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