HIFA Week 2014 : ‘ Switch on’

Moonwalking With My Muse


As one of the 140 characters on Twitter cheekily put it, it’s officially HIFA week a.k.a. “White people’s annual pilgrimage into the Harare CBD.” It’s a funny if not crude observation of part of the craziness that is HIFA week. Only on Twitter.

HIFA is so much more that just that though. The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA ) is the premier arts and culture event on the Zimbabwean social calendar.

HIFA was recently listed by CNN as one of the top 7 festivals on the African continent. CNN refers to HIFA as the “Glastonbury” of African festivals. Other festivals on the list include the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (South Africa), Marrakesh Popular Festival of the Arts (Morocco), Sauti Za Busara…

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Death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I have read ‘100 Years of Solitude’. It’s meant to be one of the great classics of our times but I found it really hard going. Perhaps I might have appreciated it better if I had read it in Spanish? Will I try and read it in Spanish…probably not. There can be no doubt, however, that Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez made a huge impact on the world of literature and brought Latin American writers out into the open.

It seems appropriate therefore to allow a Chilean writer friend to talk about the author’s life in more detail. Follow the link here


Commonwealth Games 2014: Demolition plans cancelled

If you clicked on the link in my last post, you will have seen that a decision had been made to include the demolition of five tower blocks, known as the Red Road flats, as part of the opening ceremony. Following major protests, including petition of more than 17,000 signatures, the demolition has been cancelled.

To find out more about why the plans have been changed, follow this link.

Red Road flats in Glasgow

Red Road flats in Glasgow

Commonwealth Games 2014: Opening ceremony

The city of Glasgow will be hosting the Commonwealth Games this summer. The organisers have come up with a very unusual way to get the opening ceremony off with a bang. Read all about it here.

Would be very interested to hear your opinions on this. Is it a good or a bad way of showcasing Glasgow?