2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Today sees the start of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The weather is glorious, the city is buzzing and there’s two weeks of great sport featuring athletes from 71 nations to look forward to….a great time to be living in Glasgow.

Clyde, the official mascot

Clyde, the official mascot


Josefina Manresa (1916 – 1987)

Brave woman.



Josefina Manresa was the wife of the famous Orihuela poet Miguel Hernández and the inspiration for some of the most beautiful poetry written in the Spanish language.  She was born in Jaén and her family moved to Orihuela in 1927 where she had one year of elementary education and went to work at the age of 13.  She met Miguel Hernandez in 1933 and after a timid, formal courtship the couple married four years later and moved to Jaén where Miguel was stationed at the beginning of the civil war.  Shortly afterwards Josefina’s father was killed and her mother died of grief, so she had to return alone to Cox, whilst pregnant with her first child, to care for the family.  Sadly her son, Manuel Ramón died before reaching his first birthday.  The couple had a second son, Manuel Miguel born in 1939 who lived until 1984.

At the end…

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Many Britons feel uncomfortable around disabled people: Let’s End the Awkward

Interesting article. Here’s a thought. Why is it that people have no problem going up to a pregnant woman they don’t even know and ooh and aah about the forthcoming baby and sometimes go as fas as to pat her on the stomach yet those same people would cross the street to avoid someone in a wheelchair?

HIFA Week 2014 : ‘ Switch on’

Moonwalking With My Muse


As one of the 140 characters on Twitter cheekily put it, it’s officially HIFA week a.k.a. “White people’s annual pilgrimage into the Harare CBD.” It’s a funny if not crude observation of part of the craziness that is HIFA week. Only on Twitter.

HIFA is so much more that just that though. The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA ) is the premier arts and culture event on the Zimbabwean social calendar.

HIFA was recently listed by CNN as one of the top 7 festivals on the African continent. CNN refers to HIFA as the “Glastonbury” of African festivals. Other festivals on the list include the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (South Africa), Marrakesh Popular Festival of the Arts (Morocco), Sauti Za Busara…

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Commonwealth Games 2014: Opening ceremony

The city of Glasgow will be hosting the Commonwealth Games this summer. The organisers have come up with a very unusual way to get the opening ceremony off with a bang. Read all about it here.

Would be very interested to hear your opinions on this. Is it a good or a bad way of showcasing Glasgow?



Minnie and Kamikaze Welcome Baby New Year

Penguins are officially the most fun creatures in the world and this little baby has got to be the cutest.

Adventure Insider

Penguin Chick 1.5.14_9.1

Meet our very own ‘Baby New Year!’ We’re thrilled to announce that a brand new African penguin chick arrived at Adventure Aquarium on Sunday, January 5, having hatched overnight to parents Minnie and Kamikaze.

Penguin Chick 1.5.14

Late Saturday, Aquarium biologists knew that a hatching was imminent, having heard soft “pipping” sounds from inside the egg as the chick readied itself to hatch by chipping away at its shell. Sure enough, biologists arrived Sunday morning to see that the little chick had hatched overnight!

Penguin Chick 1.5.14_6

And at a healthy 72 grams (2.5 ounces), it’s doing exceedingly well – strong, vibrant, vocal and very mobile for only being about a day old. To give you a size comparison, the penguin is so tiny that it can fit in the palm of your hand!

Penguin Chick 1.5.14_8

This chick is Minnie and Kamikaze’s 7th since they became a breeding pair, and will be the 4th of theirs…

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