Zimbabwean Artists: George Masarira

1528621_1426055424294952_608723185_n936592_1426055414294953_673231510_n Paintings by George Masarira (with permission)

George Masarira is a 23-year-old artist from Zimbabwe. He was born in Gokwe but sadly lost his family at a young age. He says that he always wanted to be an artist and went to the Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre in Bulawayo to study. The centre was first established in 1963 to provide an all round education but especially to encourage young people with artistic talent.

George’s work is bright and colourful, focusing mainly on street life. He loves to paint women going about their daily lives because, he says, its a way to express the joy of a loving family¬†that he wasn’t able to have himself . His tough life has helped forge his talent and his scenes are a true representation of daily life, women chatting, children playing, a mother carrying her child on her back, all in bright colours that reflect the African sun .995284_1431239640443197_2146354988_n

You can find more of George Masarira’s work on his Facebook Page. All art works are available to buy.

Painting by George Masarira (with permission)